SBAC Parents & Players:

Our club has been fortunate to have enjoyed from an abundance of extremely high caliber independent coaches in our tight knit community. As you may already know, several independent coaches have very different approaches and philosophies regarding how to best develop young athletes. The Santa Barbara Water Polo Foundation Board of Directors and multiple past Presidents have labored long and hard to maintain a unified club in Santa Barbara County. After extensive deliberation, we have concluded that it isn’t appropriate for the Foundation to select one program over the other. Ultimately, it is in the best interest of our community for coaching leaders to establish separate programs for you to choose from starting the Spring quarter, which the Foundation will aim to support.

The SBWPF board is committed to continue to fulfill its mission “To foster and develop character, integrity and habits of excellence through competitive aquatic sports, regardless of socio-economic level within our community”. And you have our commitment to continue supporting the following measures for our entire community of water polo players:

1. Sustaining need based scholarships
2. Stimulating lifeguard training of coaches
3. Helping facilitate as smooth a transition as possible for our players and families

However we will no longer engage in club operations on a day to day basis.

Ultimately, competition is good, and you will enjoy greater choice where to play water polo in Santa Barbara. We anticipate that you will have many questions, and we recommend the following:

1. Talk to your current club coach and/or club director for guidance. Practices will remain the same until March 1st and your coaches will communicate as best they can their plans for the reorganization.
2. Consider all your options.
3. Minimize unnecessary disagreements and quarrels. Everyone is extremely committed to our sport. Most players will end up playing for the same coach with the same friends. You are all still representing the proud tradition of Santa Barbara water polo, so please be respectful of every coach, player and board member who has dedicated their time and energy to our sport and the betterment of our youth. The power to shape the future of Santa Barbara water polo is truly in your hands.

This transition will happen in the Spring Quarter, so the programs should be settled for the Summer session and your drive toward JO’s and US Club Championships. In the meantime, you can anticipate a program run by Wolf Wigo, Ryan McMillen and Joe Plume with other UCSB coaching staff, and one run by Cathy Neushul and Connor Levoff. In addition, we are hopeful there will be greater involvement from your local high school coaches. You will have many options afforded to you. Please take the time to consider them all.

This is a great opportunity to make a positive impact on the water polo community. We look forward to seeing you on deck and cheering for every player and coach in our community.

Respectfully yours,
The Santa Barbara Water Polo Foundation, Inc

Board of Directors